12 Air Purifying Plants That Will Clean Your Air

12 Air Purifying Plants That Will Clean Your Air Residents of many major cities around the world are plagued by smog and toxic gases from motor vehicles, fossil fuel power plants, and factories. We need fresh air to live a healthy and full life, but it quickly becomes a luxury. Especially for those of you … Read more

How To Choose A Juicer Fast – In Under 10 Minutes

How To Choose A Juicer Fast- In Under 10 Minutes If you’re the type of person who needs to keep up with fitness trends, you’re sure not to have missed juicing. Drinking a variety of nutritious juices is promoted by health specialists everywhere. They say it’s one of the healthiest ways to get all the … Read more

Increase Your “Big Three” Lifts By 30% – Safely and Naturally

Increase Your “Big Three” Lifts 30% Safely and Naturally The human body is an exquisitely-adaptive machine built for physical labor. There is no reason, short of ill-health and injury, that a man or woman cannot increase their Big Three lift totals around 30% in as little as one month’s time. Granted, the heavier that lifting … Read more