No-Gym Workout Methods to Get in Peak Shape

No-Gym Workout Methods to Get in Peak Shape There are many reasons that it can be a drag on your regular routine to try to make it to the gym. Gym membership are pricey, and our lives are busy. Gyms can for many be a source of intimidation, awkward social encounters, and routine exercises that … Read more

Top 15 Best Online Fitness Trainers

Top 10 Best Online Fitness Trainers Learning how to exercise safely and effectively has never been easier. Many personal trainers, group fitness instructors, and sports trainers offer high-quality online workout programs, sometimes with nutritional guides attached. Some fitness instructors even offer private sessions via video chat. An online fitness trainer might be just what you … Read more

Spin Bike Flywheel Weight – Is a Heavier Flywheel Better On an Exercise Bike?

Spin Bikes: What is Better Light or Heavy Flywheels? We’ve had a few questions lately asking whether it is better to have heaver or lighter flywheels on exercise bikes. It all started when Groom+Style reviewed the top spin bikes, and gave top spot to the Keiser M3 plus (M3i and M3iX range of bikes). The Keiser is a … Read more

Peloton Spin Bike Alternatives – Live Spin Classes or Group Ride Options without Spending A Fortune

Peloton Spin Bike Alternatives – How to Setup Your Indoor Bike for Group Spinning Classes or Virtual Group Rides on a Budget For many people, and for various reasons, getting to a spin club for daily workout sessions isn’t an option.  If you fall into this camp, and are either bored with your current at … Read more

5 Great Bodybuilding YouTube Videos

5 Great Bodybuilding YouTube Videos If you want to get started in bodybuilding, or are an experienced gym-goer who wants to improve in a certain area of the sport, getting the right information you need can be a challenge. Personal trainers are expensive and asking the muscular guys and girls in the gym (who seem to be … Read more