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bodybuilding_videos_45 Great Bodybuilding YouTube Videos

If you want to get started in bodybuilding, or are an experienced gym-goer who wants to improve in a certain area of the sport, getting the right information you need can be a challenge.

Personal trainers are expensive and asking the muscular guys and girls in the gym (who seem to be so confident in what they are doing) can be intimidating.

The Groom+Style team has worked hard to find you five great, entertaining,  bodybuilding YouTube videos. 

These videos can help you improve your current workout regime by exposing you to different exercises, strategies and techniques so you can take your lifting to the next stage – no matter what level you have currently achieved. 

Bring it on!


Why Should You Body Build?

Before looking at body building strategies, let’s remind ourselves why we lift.

Great Physique and Great Health

One obvious benefit of bodybuilding is given away with the name; you are literally taking the body you have been “given” and re-building it into the one you desire. 

It happens slowly, but if you are patient and dedicated, over a period of years, you can actually create a fitter, healthier, more muscular version of yourself.

Bodybuilding has been attributed with a significant number of health benefits; such as decreasing the risk of developing coronary heart disease, obesity and reduced cholesterol levels. 

It will keep your muscles strong and flexible, thereby decreasing the risk of arthritis and osteoporosis, as well as ensuring you have healthy bones and joints.  After a solid workout you will sleep better, and feel great after releasing any psychological tension that has built up.

Mental Health Benefits

Regular exercise has been shown to increase the levels of serotonin in our bodies, this powerful little chemical contributes significantly to feelings of well-being and happiness.  Serotonin works to reduce levels of stress, anxiety, and depression.  Bodybuilding has also been shown to improve memory and cognitive functions, particularly for those that are older.  No less important are the benefits of increased self-esteem and confidence; if you look great, then you feel great too.

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Credit: Richard Niedings

Combining Bodybuilding with Good Nutrition

To reap the full benefits of any bodybuilding program you will need to educate yourself on nutrition. 

For your muscles to grow they will need the correct fuel.  Foods that are rich in antioxidants, such as fruits and vegetables; as well as foods rich in iron, such as lean meat; and foods rich in vitamin B, such as milk, compliment bodybuilding perfectly. 

Please read Fitness: A Complete Guide to Protein, if you are interested in understanding this topic further.


1)      Bodybuilding for Beginners

With over 4 million subscribers, this channel is the most subscribed-to trainers on YouTube. The video focuses on eight common exercises to get you started with bodybuilding, which are; pushups, bent over rows, upright rows, squat & press, curls, close grip pushups, mountain climbers and toe touches. 

The channel provides information on cutting fat, gaining muscle and defining your abs.

Although this video is aimed at beginners, all of these are useful exercises that can be incorporated into any workout routine.  For experienced gym-goes it can never hurt to be reminded about lifting fundamentals.

If you are restricted with time, then with this video and a set of adjustable dumbbells you have all you need for the beginnings of an effective workout routine.

[youtube id=”3_GHdAs3DCY” width=”750″ height=”340″ position=”left”]


2) How to Train for Mass – Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Blueprint Training Program

This is a brilliant video from bodybuilding.com featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger; the former professional bodybuilder turned Terminator, turned Governor. 

You only need to take one look at Mr. Schwarzenegger to be assured he knows what he’s talking about (chemical assistance aside). 

This inspiring and motivational video looks at Arnold’s favorite exercises and training techniques to train for pure mass.  Want a body like Arnold’s?  Have a look at his blueprint.

[youtube id=”o9zCgPtsups” width=”750″ height=”340″ position=”left”]


3) My Chest Workout – Scott Herman

This video from Scott Herman (who has amassed over 200 million views with his training videos) is bringing you a 17-minute chest workout, packed full of useful tips and advice for getting your chest stacked.

He works through nine different exercises, and shows you the effect that it has on his chest by looking at before and after shots. He takes a no-nonsense, work-hard approach to help you fast-track your training exercises.

He also includes several links to useful videos on eating high protein foods and information which can help you with your sleep routines.

[youtube id=”ruR1HLYLNT8″ width=”750″ height=”340″ position=”left”]


4) Back & Biceps Workout to Gain Muscle Mass @hodgetwins

The Hodge Twins bring comedy to working out (and eating). 

In this video they show a series of workout routines to help develop mass in the back and biceps. 

The various exercises are explained in detail, along with the number of sets and reps required.  In a light-hearted comedic way, they make working out fun!

[youtube id=”3ix0LAU0c_M” width=”750″ height=”340″ position=”left”]


5) Truth about Pro Bodybuilder Diets

Marc Lobliner, a successful body builder, brings you this video explaining what professional bodybuilders actually eat – rather than the many diets that feature in magazines, which he says aren’t always true.

In his shouty voice, he drills home exactly what you should be eating and why. He also talks about what effect your weight and metabolism can have on the different exercises.

[youtube id=”smygmAXypDA” width=”750″ height=”340″ position=”left”]


What You Should Know About Bodybuilding

The Groom+Style team hope you enjoyed this collection of videos.  In addition here are ten handy tips, for beginners or experienced lifters, to incorporate into their bodybuilding plan:

  1. Lift progressively heavier weights from session to session, in small controlled increments, to continuously subject your muscles to increased levels of stress. Otherwise your gains will plateau.
  2. Eat at least one-gram of protein per pound of body weight per day; a vital element in helping to achieve your goals. Food with sufficient levels of protein include eggs, cheese, oatmeal, chicken, carrots and peanut butter.
  3. Be sure to get plenty of sleep – not only will this keep you mentally in check, but it will also help with your protein synthesis.
  4. Keep mentally positive both before, during and after your routines. If you approach your routines with confidence, this will reflect in the amount of effort that you put in and the results that you achieve.
  5. Manage stress by avoiding smoking or drinking – be sure to eat well and take time to unwind each day.
  6. Think about incorporating a small amount of aerobics into your bodybuilding routine; which is essential to muscle growth. This will also help with the removal of waste products, such as lactic acid, from the body, as well as helping with the transporting of oxygen.
  7. Fat consumption is often avoided when someone is bodybuilding, but it is, in fact, worthwhile to include some saturated fats within your diet as it can boost testosterone levels, which in turn helps with muscle gains.
  8. Don’t over train.  In an effort to speed up gains, some lifters end up overtraining.  Please be patient, bodybuilding should be looked at in years, not months or weeks.  Overtraining can lead to injury and in some cases increase your blood pressure and decrease your appetite. Limit your sessions to 45 minutes and take days off in between sessions.
  9. Some supplements can greatly help with your bodybuilding routine. Do your research, but look at incorporating minerals, creatine, and l-glutamine into your diet.  Do stay away from the juice!
  10. Continually educate yourself on the art of bodybuilding, things you should and shouldn’t be doing, and ways that you can improve your workouts.  For example read this additional article if you want to know how to increase your big 3 lifts by 30%.


Follow the steps and videos included in this article and you’ll be fast-tracking your physical and mental gains in no time at all! Just remember to be sensible and stay safe, happy lifting!


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