Top 15 Best Online Fitness Trainers

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Top 10 Best Online Fitness Trainers

Learning how to exercise safely and effectively has never been easier. Many personal trainers, group fitness instructors, and sports trainers offer high-quality online workout programs, sometimes with nutritional guides attached. Some fitness instructors even offer private sessions via video chat. An online fitness trainer might be just what you need.

The ability to access online training resources means that people have the freedom to work out more confidently at the gym or in the home, on their own time, and, more often than not, at a lower cost.

I’ve curated a list of 15 best online personal trainer (in no particular order) who are serious about helping their clients crush their fitness goals like never before. They’re all experts on what it means to soar through each day with a fit and healthy body. Whether you’re looking to run a marathon or just get off the couch, you can likely find help here. Read on to learn more about these trainers and the services they provide.


1. Lee Boyce – best fitness coach online

If you’ve heard of Lee Boyce, that may be from reading his articles in publications such as Men’s Health and The Huffington Post, seeing him on TV, or hearing him on the radio. He’s a strength coach who works to stop the spread of fitness misinformation, and you can trust him to train you right. To provide the highest quality training possible, however, he only takes on a few online clients. Yet that doesn’t mean you can’t be one of the lucky ones. If I were you, I’d see if there’s a spot open.


2. Kaisa Keranen – personal trainer

Kaisa is an athlete and personal trainer with a contagious enthusiasm for fitness. You won’t see her without a grin in her Instagram videos, working out to tunes guaranteed to get you pumped. Incorporating music is an important part of her training style. As an online client, you’ll get specially made playlists alongside 25 new workouts each month. You will also get meal suggestions with nutrition advice. Between her music suggestions, guided movements, and recipes, Kaisa is the complete trainer package. Get energized with her!


3. Damon Goddard – online personal trainers

Damon is the co-founder and director of AMPD Golf Performance, where he trains pro golfers — such as Jordan Spieth — and novice golfers alike. He applies biomechanics to help athletes improve their performance and reduce their risk of injury out on the course. Damon and AMPD were listed in Golf Digest’s “The 50 Best Golf-Fitness Professionals in America, so he certainly knows what he’s doing. If your golf goals are lofty, he’ll help you achieve them!


4. Artemis Scantalides – online personal training

When I think of a strong woman, Artemis is one who comes to mind. She’s a Kung Fu Black Belt who has completed the Iron Maiden Challenge and can squat almost double her bodyweight! She owns Iron Body Training Systems, working as a personal trainer and kettlebell-functional movement specialist, and she empowers women through strength training workshops. I wouldn’t want to get in a fight with Artemis, but I’d trust her to help me get strong. You should, too.


5. Paul Fabritz

Paul is known around the world as one of the leading experts in basketball performance training. He trains several NBA players, including James Harden, who is a current favorite for the 2018 MVP award. His company, PJF Performance, utilizes his creative and scientific approach to help players up their basketball game (sometimes literally, when it comes to his vertical jump program). Paul offers virtual personal training for jumping and for ball handling, so go see what’s up with PJF.


6. Tiffiny Fambro

Tiffiny is a group fitness and personal trainer, health coach, and speaker. Drawing from her background in sports nutrition, public health, and behavioral health, she teaches women how to alter their healthy lifestyle so they can eat right, lose weight, gain muscle, and best of all: build confidence. Through her company, Build Body Wealth, she offers a few online training bundles. If you’re a woman ready to take back your life by practicing healthy habits, Tiffiny is right for you.


7. David Baillie

David is a decorated British Military veteran and ex-private military contractor, hence the name of his business, Front-Line Fitness, which helps people reach top-notch shape and have fun along the way. He is certified in personal training, nutrition coaching, and weight management. He takes a holistic approach to building a healthier lifestyle and writes articles about it, eager to share helpful tips with those who might need them. If you’re itching for a challenge, join David for his 12-week online program.


8. Lesley Logan

Lesley is a fitness business coach, writer, and Pilates teacher who leads international Pilates retreats in extraordinary places such as Cambodia and Maui. She offers a few different online class options to help you sculpt your body wherever you are. You can watch her $5 Pilates Mat Class videos through her website, where there’s a new one each week. Lesley offers private sessions or one on one training through FaceTime and Skype. You can also find her exercise tutorials on You just can’t go wrong with any of these options, if you’re interested in looking into Pilates.


9. Mike Boyle

Mike is the co-founder of Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning. He trains athletes of all ages and types, including college and professional sports teams. He’s been the strength and conditioning coach for the Boston Red Sox, the Bruins, the Breakers, the New England Revolution, and the U.S. Women’s Olympic Hockey and Soccer teams. He’s also an educational speaker who has written and created resourceful books and DVDs. With a resume like that, you’ll certainly want to work with Mike and his team online!


10. Kellie Davis

Not only is Kellie a personal trainer, but she’s also a writer and mother who co-founded the Get Glutes workout program and created Fit Thrive — a company that provides successful workout programs for women. To keep clients prepped and pumped for their workouts, she also offers fitness apparel and shares helpful posts on her blog. Kellie and her Fit Thrive Team are all about celebrating female strength and facilitating an encouraging community for support. She can help you get the strong butt, bod, and confidence you want! Take your pick from Kellie’s online programs.

11. Adrian Collins 

The Social Butterfly Program, the site’s main offering, is available both in person and online. Instead of appearing to be a separate service, online training is seamlessly integrated into the service.

Adrian Collins’ approach is critical in today’s culture of sedentary lifestyles and office work. People are aware that they need to improve their posture but are unsure how. They’re looking for online personal trainers who can show them what to do and help them rebalance their bodies.

12. Forge Fitness 

Forge Fitness is an excellent choice for beginners or those without access to a gym. It is less expensive than other personalized online training programs while providing many of the same benefits, such as video sessions and unlimited in-app messaging. We also appreciated the fact that they have a registered dietician on staff, which is important if you have special dietary restrictions or health concerns such as diabetes or heart disease. The dietician will ensure that you have a meal plan that is appropriate for your needs.

13. Lauren Leavell

Lauren Leavell is a NASM-Certified personal trainer and body-positive coach based in Philadelphia. Lauren believes in making movement enjoyable and accessible to everyone, and she approaches fitness through a weight-neutral, body-positive lens.

Lauren tailors each personal training session to your specific requirements. Her workouts will teach you to love your body and move in a safe and intelligent manner. Lauren believes in not taking things too seriously and would rather you have fun than be in pain during each session.

14. Jackie Elming 

Jackie, at her core, is a fitness enthusiast. When she isn’t outside enjoying nature or working out, you can find her in the kitchen experimenting with whole foods and nourishing ingredients to create delectable and soul-warming dishes! Jackie believes in living a holistic lifestyle that includes mindfulness and eating clean foods. Her passion is to help others discover their true selves and realize they are unbreakable!

15. Gordon Greenhorn

Greenhorn’s approach to online personal training is based on a remote access cloud network. Body metrics are tracked using specially designed spreadsheets, which calculate everything from percentage changes in volume per workout to the average weight loss or gain per week. Clients then videotape themselves working out and update their spreadsheets once a week. Greenhorn, on the other hand, insists that the nutritional side of coaching isn’t all about salad and water, and that clients are encouraged to eat whatever they want as long as they track their consumption accurately.

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