Spin Bike Flywheel Weight – Is a Heavier Flywheel Better On an Exercise Bike?

Spin Bikes: What is Better Light or Heavy Flywheels? We’ve had a few questions lately asking whether it is better to have heaver or lighter flywheels on exercise bikes. It all started when Groom+Style reviewed the top spin bikes, and gave top spot to the Keiser M3 plus (M3i and M3iX range of bikes). The Keiser is a … Read more

Peloton Spin Bike Alternatives – Live Spin Classes or Group Ride Options without Spending A Fortune

Peloton Spin Bike Alternatives – How to Setup Your Indoor Bike for Group Spinning Classes or Virtual Group Rides on a Budget For many people, and for various reasons, getting to a spin club for daily workout sessions isn’t an option.  If you fall into this camp, and are either bored with your current at … Read more

5 Great Bodybuilding YouTube Videos

5 Great Bodybuilding YouTube Videos If you want to get started in bodybuilding, or are an experienced gym-goer who wants to improve in a certain area of the sport, getting the right information you need can be a challenge. Personal trainers are expensive and asking the muscular guys and girls in the gym (who seem to be … Read more

How To Choose A Juicer Fast – In Under 10 Minutes

How To Choose A Juicer Fast- In Under 10 Minutes If you’re the type of person who needs to keep up with fitness trends, you’re sure not to have missed juicing. Drinking a variety of nutritious juices is promoted by health specialists everywhere. They say it’s one of the healthiest ways to get all the … Read more

Yoga vs. Pilates – Which Is Right For You?

Yoga vs. Pilates – Which Is Right For You? Most people whose physical activity centers around strenuous 5-on-5 basketball games or weekend soccer matches – or just lying on the couch watching basketball games and soccer matches – probably think that yoga and Pilates are the same thing. And it’s quite possible that workout warriors … Read more