Yoga vs. Pilates – Which Is Right For You?

Yoga vs. Pilates – Which Is Right For You? Most people whose physical activity centers around strenuous 5-on-5 basketball games or weekend soccer matches – or just lying on the couch watching basketball games and soccer matches – probably think that yoga and Pilates are the same thing. And it’s quite possible that workout warriors … Read more

Increase Your “Big Three” Lifts By 30% – Safely and Naturally

Increase Your “Big Three” Lifts 30% Safely and Naturally The human body is an exquisitely-adaptive machine built for physical labor. There is no reason, short of ill-health and injury, that a man or woman cannot increase their Big Three lift totals around 30% in as little as one month’s time. Granted, the heavier that lifting … Read more

Top 8 Myths Of Ab Workouts

Top Eight Myths About Ab Workouts A large number of people want rock-solid abs. Several workouts, such as crunches, bicycle crunches, leg raises, cable rotations, etc., can help you achieve great abs. How many people really know how to do these exercises properly? For a huge number of people, working out every day for several … Read more